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The following teams can enter for the Lions2021 International Festival

Under 13, 16 and 19 Girls
Senior Women and Vets (35+)
Senior men
Senior Mix
* Only 10 teams per age group, senior women, senior men and Vets can enter
** If you want to tour with a team or group not mentioned here; contact us in this regard

How does registration work?

The following registration fees will be applicable:
R500 per tour member or 14 x R500 = R7000 per team

What happens to the registration fees?

If you decide to participate in this Festival and your tour will be arranged by Eco South Africa Sport and Travel, this registration fee will be deducted from your final payment. This payment will thus be part of your tour cost and is not an extra cost.

What happens to the registration fee if my team only wants to participate in your Festival?

This registration fee per team only participating for the 5 days of the Festival
– R1900 per tour member or 14 x R1900 = R26600 per team
** R500 per player initial registration fee is part of the R1900 per player payment.
** The R1400 per person final registration fee will only have to be paid in 2021, as the R500 per person will secure your team’s participation

What will my team benefit then from paying a registration fee and participating?

Your team will have the same privileges, meals and matches during the 5 days of this Festival as a team arranging their tour through Eco South Africa Sport and Travel. The difference is that these teams do not have to pay a registration fee of R1900 per player.

Netball Rules

Different Tour Packages

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